MAYA Dance Theatre - Anwesha & Pancha: Earth


How do we hear the cries of the silenced? In this double bill presented by Maya Dance Theatre, important and relevant social topics are put forth for you to ponder upon.

Anwesha (‘Beyond The Darkness’) highlights people who suffer from poor mental well-being, not given a chance to voice out their plight. Even if they do, are we really listening? The 20-minute excerpt brings you through a journey in search of hope and strength as the characters deal with their inner demons. Get up-close and personal with the dancers in the post-show dialogue to better understand the layered processes involved in the work!

Pancha (‘Flowers Don’t Bloom All The Time’) follows the journey of survivors of domestic sexual abuse that impacted their lives in very different ways. Through intense storytelling in an intimate space, be absorbed into their world as they shed light on innocent people who fell victim to perpetuators at home.

Note: Maya Dance Theatre was founded in 2006 and has put up works that speak up about pressing societal issues. Through dance theatre that draws inspiration from Asian values and aesthetics, and a creation process involving deep research and understanding of subject matter, the company showcases works that touches the hearts and souls of audiences.

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Sun Sep 16, 2018
8:00 PM - 9:15 PM SGT
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SMU Arts and Culture Centre
Free ticket [with limited slots] FULL
Venue Address
School of Social Sciences and Economics, Singapore Singapore
SMU Arts Festival 2019

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